Wait for it.....


Have not worked out what to do with this domain yet, so thought Why Not!. And created this. Stay tuned as more to come.


What is not.com.au about?

Formally the domain for Nortech Office Technology who merged into CCC back in 2013. But now we have the opportunity to turn the site into something new.


This will be a "stay tuned" area as we work out what we can do with the site. Some ideas of what we might be able to do.


Views of the world from our perspective. Could be serious or on the funny side.


How stuff works to Life Hacks. Tutorials on life.


Either talk about or play games to make the time pass.

New Ideas

A place were you can safely present new ideas to change the world. Thinking for the future.

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You can contact us with new idea's or feedback for the site via the Send Message button below.

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You can send a direct message using the below form. Spammers, I have enough viagra at the moment thanks.